Compagnie Quand les Moules auront des Dents Germaine et Germaine

Adèle Michel

Being born to a couple of social educators was enough for Adèle to be bitten by the bug: she loves people! Therefore she searched for a profession that would allow her to meet them, talk to them and love them full time. What followed was a long succession of jobs spanning from youth educator, animator, philosopher, jazz singer, to trumpet player and even actress at the theatre school. And one day came the revelation: a red nose and two years at the Samovar School later, she finally found her place ! Since then she has been involved in lots of projects here and there, which have allowed her to meet all sorts of people: tall, short, young, old, women, men, French, Swiss, and even Bretons! With her company Quand les Moules auront des Dents, she intends to tour around France, the continent and even the world, playing Germaine et Germaine from Reykjavík to Antananarivo, in order to meet and love lots and lots of different human beings.

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Distribution Manager

Compagnie Quand les Moules auront des Dents Germaine et Germaine

Camille Moukli-Perez

Since the age of 7 when she was knee-high to a grasshopper, Camille had big plans: she would be a clown one day. After a few rounds of the circus ring on her monocycle and tunes on her accordion , she became an activities organiser. For a few years she remained a child at heart by working alongside young and old alike. In the pink city of Toulouse, she played with a yellow dog, in a poetic and musical show that was performed a number of times. Then one day she packed her suitcase with puppets and a clarinet and landed in Paris, starting a new life of clowning. After two years at the Samovar School, she was finally ready to take her 150 cms wherever she can use her art to make little adults and big children laugh. With her company Quand les Moules auront des Dents and her show Germaine et Germaine, her goal is to reach the top and check if the world looks any better from up there!


Elsa Babin

Administration Manager